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Forward Steps Birmingham

Partner: Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 

Location: Birmingham


We provide business and support and advice to community Stay and Play groups within the 10 Districts in Birmingham so they can deliver a high quality service. We also provide support to volunteers who wish to set up their own Stay and Play groups. 

The project supports local families and children by engaging with parents and building relationships, reducing isolation and building better communities.

We also empower leaders by providing guidance and support, educating about good and safe practice, enhancing their understanding of child development, sharing ideas, promoting positive parenting, talking about enabling environments, raising awareness of safeguarding and building their confidence to support families appropriately.

We also enhance leaders' knowledge of where to find appropriate support.

Play and Learn Support Service 

Partner: Public Health Bradford, Betterstart Bradford and Bradford Prevention and Early Help 

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire


This project promotes high-quality universal play and learn provision for families across Bradford 鈥 improving outcomes for children.

It provides:

  • Direct delivery of eight new high quality play and learn sessions each week to families in the Bradford area
  • Support for volunteer-led community based play and learn provision in the Bradford area 
  • The development of two centres of excellence based on the Nature Nurseries concept 
  • The development of a quality toolkit for play and learn groups 
  • The support and nurture of relationships between parent/carers and children  
  • Working with parents/carers as partners, and children鈥檚 first and foremost educators, recognising the importance of the home learning environment 
  • Embedding in practice the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor play  
  • Ensuring the EYFS is embedded in quality play and learn provision  
  • Empowering volunteers through a training and support package 
  • Ensuring children are safeguarded
  • Embedding a culture of welcome and inclusion  
  • Support for a local community approach centred on the family.

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