Fun fitness ideas for children

Boy on lily padsFroggy fun

Get some paper or cardboard and with the help of your little one, cut out some ‘lily pads’.

Then, place them on the floor (careful that the pads don’t slip) and encourage your little one to hop, skip, and jump to them, helping their physical development and co-ordination.     

You could even make the activity harder by numbering them so that they have to visit them in order. 

Then, when they are tired of jumping, take a small ball or rolled up sock and see if they can dribble it around the lily pads without touching them.  

So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

(With thanks to  for the idea and image) 

10 simple exercises 

Keeping your child healthy, happy and physically busy can be a challenge.   

But here’s Isabel and Oli showing us how it can be done, even in a small space!  

Let's go!

Indoor bike ride 

I want to ride my bicycle…   

Too rainy, too blerghhhh, too cold outside for a bike ride today?   

Does your little one have stabilisers on their bike? 

Then you’ll love this idea for an indoor bike ride! 

Bingo cardBingo exercise 

Ready to try a game of ‘Give Me 5 Bingo'?

All you need is a dice and sight of the bingo exercise chart, although no dice is no problem. 

Just put 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 dots on pieces of paper, jumble them up and then lay them in a line, numbers turned over.    

Encourage your little one to roll the dice or turn over one of the pieces of paper. 

Then match the dots to the chart, choose an exercise to do and do it five times.   

Take it in turns, and if you roll a six you get to roll again!   

With thanks to the  website for the inspiration.   

Sock it to me!   

This is a great way to keep fit at home and a great way of strengthening your little one’s core muscles!    

Encourage your little one to lie down with their legs straight out in front of them on the floor. 

Place a soft toy or ball of socks between their feet.  

Then slowly, carefully keeping their legs straight, encourage your little one to raise their legs up and over passing the toy or socks to your hands.    

Can they repeat it, 5, 10, 20 times?  Phew! Hard work!   

boy and his feetBarefoot fun

Here are some great ideas that will help to develop and strengthen your little one’s feet, ankles and lower legs.   

First, why not try ‘Toe Tug-of-War’?  All you need to do is sit on the floor, facing your little one with legs outstretched.  Then, place a towel, t-shirt or piece of fabric between you both and encourage your little one to curl their toes around it.  Finally, using only your toes to hold your end, pull and tug until one of you lets go.   

The ‘Tootsie Challenge’ is fun too!  Encourage your little one to collect some hard and soft objects, not too big or heavy as they are going to be picking them up with their toes.  Then, spread them on the ground next to an empty box.  Finally, the two of you and any other family members pick up and drop as many of the objects as they can into the box using only their toes.  

(With thanks to the Foot Files and  for the inspiration and image) 

yoga posesAnimal Yoga

If your little one sometimes needs to slow down, unwind and feel calmer, why not try some ‘Animal Yoga?’  

Butterfly Pose: Encourage your little one to sit with the soles of their feet together, so the legs look like butterfly wings.  

Mouse Pose: Kneel with forehead on the floor.  

Snail Pose: Just like mouse pose, but the arms are straight out on the floor, above the head.  

Sea Lion: Lay on the tummy and use the arms to push the body up off the floor.  

(With thanks to  for the idea and the photo) 

spell sheetSpell Your Name Workout 

Why not try this great idea from ? 

It’s such a fun way to get your little one moving and physically fit. 

All you need to do is choose the letters from your little one’s name and go for it!  




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