Exploring science

Sink or floatSink or Float 

This is a fun indoor or outdoor activity using a saucepan, some water and interesting toys or objects. It can also be done in the sink, or even in the bath if it’s likely to get very splashy!   

 Fill up the container with water.

Then, ask your little one to guess whether they think the objects will sink or float before they plop them in!

If outside, perhaps try a range of natural objects as well as some of your little one’s smaller toys.  

With older children, you could also sort the sinking and floating objects into two groups and look for anything that’s the same or different about them.   

With thanks to  for this idea.   

Exploring touchExploring Touch

Your child is naturally curious about the world around them and often use their senses to explore and learn.

This wonderful idea really helps to develop their language skills as well as their sense of touch.  

So, all you need is a box, a tee-shirt and a variety of familiar objects.  Can your little one guess what the object is, just by holding it?  Encourage your little one to say how it feels.  Is it scratchy, soft, rough, tickly or smooth?   

The video shows you just how it’s done: 

(With thanks to DadLab for sharing such a wonderful idea!) 

scavenger huntExploring Wet Weather

Rain, rain, go away...we love this rainy-day scavenger hunt from the  website!  

Taking time to talk about the weather is also a great way to introduce new vocabulary. 

Why not encourage your little one to help you check the weather before getting dressed each morning? 

They can then choose their outfit for the day.  

You could even. 

We hope your little one enjoys being a mini meteorologist!  




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